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  • Premiere 18th of October 2015, Toronto Estdocs festival
  • Monday 16th of November Eesti Maja Jazzklubi, Stockholm
  • Thursday 19th of November University of South Carolina, Columbia


  • Friday 8th of January, Estonian House, Lakewood
  • Saturday 6th of February, Eesti Maja, New York
  • Saturday 13th of February, Tartu College, Toronto
  • Sunday February 14th at 16.00, Bright Nights Film Festival, Ottawa
  • Saturday 20th of February 14.00, Balzekas Museum, Chicago
  • Sunday 21 of February, 16.00, Eesti Maja, Chicago
  • Tuesday February 23th at 9.30, University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Monday March 14th, Occupation Museum, Tallinn
  • Tuesday March 15th, Goethe Institut, Riga
  • Wednesday March 16 th, Dutch Embassy, Vilnius
  • Thursday March 24 th, Eesti Maja, New York
  • Saturday March 26 th, Estonian television
  • Saturday April 2 th, University of Latvia, Riga
  • Tuesday May 10, Lithuanian Embassy, Den Haag
  • Friday May 13, Latvian Community Centre, Sydney
  • Monday May 16, Tallinn University, Tallinn
  • Friday, the 13th of May, Latvian community Centre, Sydney
  • Thursday the 22 September, The Lake Hickory Country Club, Hickory
  • Saturday the 24th of September, Latvian community Centre, Sydney
  • Saturday, the 5th of November Nederlands Baltische Vereniging, Bilthoven
  • Thursday the 8th of December, Café Jää-äär, Berlin


  • Wednesday 25th of January, Diaspora and Migration Research Centre, Riga
  • Friday 31th of March, Latvian Embassy, The Hague.
  • Sunday 24th of April, Estonian House, Melbourne
  • Monday the 8th of May, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
  • Tuesday the 16th of May, LTV 1, Latvia
  • Saturday 29th of April, seminar Domus Dorpatensis, Tartu
  • Wednesday 21 June, conference on Baltic Studies, Riga.

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The Baltic University (1946-1949)


Hamburg 1946-1949


It gave Baltic refuguees an opportunity to learn and a possibility to work on their future